There are a few mobile browsers out there which are ‘gentle’ on the amount of data you consume and there are also some which claim to offer blazing fast browsing speeds. While Google’s own Chrome browser can claim to be able to do things like that, there are other browser like Opera Mini which are reputed for their features.

google chrome android faster browsing

But Google is now apparently interested in improving its Chrome browser, at least for Android users. A fresh blog entry on the Google India website says that the company will be rolling out a new feature to Android devices that will optimize Web pages so they load faster on slow 2G connections. What’s curious is that this will be available only to Indian users, at least for now, as Google is also launching this feature in Brazil soon.

The reason why Google chose India is pretty obvious – the country is witnessing an amazing growth of the mobile market but many smartphone owners don’t have a consistent data plan. They either don’t have enough data or they’re out of reach in many areas. Having a faster browser ensures that they make the most of their connection.

Google also claims that this improvement will enable Android phones to consume 80% less data while ensuring 50% more pageviews. Google will also release the update to the default Android browser, as well. The new technology works by transcoding pages for quicker delivery when it detects a slow connection.

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