We’ve got a packed top 10 list for you today. Some of it is pretty unbelievable, some pretty fun, others incredibly useful. Read on to find out more about fun minimal games, super accurate weather apps and a puzzle game with a thriller twist to it.

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1. App Store’s Free App of the Week: Warhammer: Snotling Fling

Snotling Fling is like a medieval Angry Birds mixed with other medieval stuff. You fling, you destroy stuff, trolls scream, monsters laugh, it’s all jolly good fun.

2. TechPP’s Game of the Week: Hue Ball

hue ball

Hue Ball is a a minimal paintball style shooter game.

3. BuzzFeed News

buzzfeed news

Yup, we’re talking about BuzzFeed. From the makers of “17 GIFs of cats doing cat things you wouldn’t believe cats could do” – Sponsored by Cat Services, comes a compelling app about journalism and breaking news. BuzzFeed News app comes from the serious journalism arm that’s hell bent on reporting news and doing it well. They’d probably also love if we’d stop comparing them to “Lol cats” writers but I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon.

4. Dark Sky 5

dark sky

Dark Sky 5 ($3.99) is a new update to the already popular weather app. Dark Sky is known for its uncanny ability to predict the weather, down to the minutes sometimes. The update brings a new interface, better support for newer iPhones, advanced notifications and more.

5. Cameo by Vimeo

Cameo is a basic and free video editing software from Vimeo. You can add 1080p videos, trim, shuffle them around and more.

6. Tweekaboo


Tweakaboo is a new parenting app that’s designed to make the lives surrounding new parents a lot more easier. Also, you know what to gift your friends on their next baby shower – this app. And then tell them politely not to add you. The app acts as a tell-all journal for parents to share with their close friends and family.

7. Yeplive


I know what you were wishing for. Another Periscope/Meerkat clone. Ok not really, but still, here we are. Yeplive a live streaming that lets you filter streams by location.

8. Leaf.fm


Leaf.fm is yet another YouTube music streaming app wrapped around is someone else’s branding. But there’s one upside, the app does let you stream songs in the background. Which means you can now kind of, sort of use YouTube as a music streaming service on your iPhone. You know, like you already do on your office computer.

9. Bonza National Geographic

Bonza is a particular kind of puzzle game. It’s like scrabble meets Lego blocks. You solve word puzzles where you have to mix parts of the puzzles that are already laid out for you. In this Nat Geo specific version of the game you get access to jig saw puzzles, plus clues in form of Nat Geo’s amazing photographs from around the world.

10. Psycho Escape

In Psycho Escape, you’re trying to flee while a psycho is chasing you. Your life is on your line. How do you get out? By solving increasingly elaborate, board-game style puzzles of course! The game combines elements of thrill with class puzzle solving. And hey, it’s free. Can’t hurt checking it out.

App Deals for Monday, June 22nd

– ClearWeather ($1.99 -> Free)

The Fourth Dimension ($2.99 -> Free)

Hatchi ($0.99 -> Free)

– Tayasui Sketches+ ($4.99 -> Free)

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