IFTTT, or If This Then That, is one of the most popular and handy tools available on the web. The web-based service integrates with other popular services to allow users to create chains of simple conditional statements called “recipes,” which trigger corresponding actions. The service today announces that it is introducing a new channel called Android Battery to help users better monitor, save and manage the battery life of their Android devices. It is live through the web, and also comes in an update to the Android app.

android battery

Over the years, smartphone’s display, processor, RAM and other components have evolved to become substantially better. But batteries, despite being one of the most crucial components hasn’t innovated with the same pace. There are plenty of tools and tricks to improve a phone’s battery life, but IFTTT is making it a whole lot easier while also offering some handy new additions. Some of the interesting recipes available as of now are as follows:

Getting a reminder when your phone’s battery is low

Send yourself an email when your phone’s battery is low: If you want to get notified by an email whenever your phone’s battery is low on juice, this recipe can help you with that.

Send yourself a notification when your phone’s battery is low: You can also get a normal reminder from your phone to have it charged when its battery is about die. Yes, we know that Android notifies you when your battery is low, but IFTTT is allowing you to edit the battery level at which the notification should trigger.

android notification

Similarly, you can also have an SMS sent to you, and get a notification on your Android Wear smartwatch, or make your phone blink lights to let you know that something’s up.

Recipes to save your battery life

Turn off Bluetooth when the battery is low: This is probably a very useful recipe, that would simply switch off Bluetooth connectivity — and all its corresponding activities — when the battery is low, thus saving the battery life.

Silent your phone to conserve battery: Another handy recipe, this will mute your call and notification sound alerts to extend the phone’s life by a little.

Monitor your battery’s performance

If you think that your phone’s battery isn’t holding up very well, but you don’t have time and patience to check that manually, you can have this recipe log all the battery details to a Google spreadsheet file.

The channel has just been created, and it’s just a matter of time before many more handy recipes become available, offering even more combinations. We’ll keep an ear on the ground to check for more recipes, in the meantime, if you have a combination in mind, you can create a recipe yourself. Share it with us in the comments below and we’ll add it in the story.

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