A lot has changed in the PC industry over the last three decades. Many new players have emerged in the market, launching computers that have upped the ante in design, hardware capability and users experience with each iteration. But as we moved forward, all the devices which we truly fell in love with was scrapped by the company in favor of a machine that unarguably was lighter, prettier, and more performance efficient. But what if you didn’t want to part ways with the machine you absolutely envied? And more importantly, will any company make such a device anymore? Lenovo is taking the risk.

thinkpad time machine

The world’s largest computer vendor today announces that it visions a retro laptop in the ever-so-mature ThinkPad series, which resembles the design details of the ThinkPad series from the 90s in the strongest way possible while also offering the top-of-the-line specs on par with the modern standard.

The new laptop, which the company is wittingly calling the “time machine,” comes equipped with a number of reminiscing design elements. For instance, there is a multi-color ThinkPad logo which many of us have grown watching, as well as dedicated keys for volume controls. The screws are exposed, and there are LED flashes on the rubberized painted back. The company also wants to add the seven rows keyboard — an area which has been drastically reduced over the years.

Think of it like stepping into a time machine and landing in 1992, but armed with today’s technology. Although not for everyone, I’m certain there’s a group of people who would stand in line to purchase such a special ThinkPad model.” says David Hill, Vice President, Lenovo Corporate Identity & Design.

lenovo thinkpad time machine

When can we have it in the retail stores? There is obviously a huge number of people fan of the ThinkPad lineup.  Hill, however, notes that it’s just an idea for now, and the company seeks your approval because it will only be feasible for them to manufacture this laptop if many of us are interested in purchasing such a device. Check out his blog post, and provide your feedback.

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