If you’re working in sales or in PR, then you need to make sure that your product or service gets enough promotion. Or maybe you just need to contact the owner of a certain domain or the responsible for marketing or any other department.

discover email addresses related to domain

You’ve tried the contact form and sent a message on Facebook but still didn’t receive a reply. To your rescue comes Email Hunter, a new web app which lets you find all email addresses it can find which are related to a certain domain. Email Hunter will seriously reduce the time salespeople spend to reach their target and will thus make them much more productive.

Once you sign up, the free plan will allow you to perform 200 free searches per month, and there’s no need to tie your credit card to enjoy their service. The web app comes with a role-based emails filter which lets you obtain only personal email addresses. The CSV download option lets you easily export the list of email addresses, and bulk upload allows further to enrich your data from a list of domain names.

If you need to perform more domain queries, there are various plans that you can use, starting from $49 per month for 3000 searches. And before you ask, you do not get charged for duplicate calls within 30 days. Although you can use the service as a web app, the most convenient way to perform searches is through the Chrome extension.

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