Up until this week, the Hooks app has been available to iOS users only, but now it’s making its entry into the Android world, as well. The app can be viewed as a mix between Pushbullet and IFTTT, allowing users to send custom alerts for ‘everything they care about.

hooks android app

There are over 1 million alerts that one can use to create custom alerts by choosing one of the 100+ channels. Here are just some of the categories that you can use:

  • Sports: score alerts, live results, and schedules from your favorite team of MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL games, etc.
  • Music Concerts: get notified of new concerts, festivals, and new albums of your favorite band
  • Videogames releases, Twitch streams
  • Weather: weather change notifications for rain, ice, snow, temperature drop, etc.
  • TV shows: when will be the next episode, schedules of your favorite tv show, etc.
  • Allergy notification alerts
  • Films by rating, director or starring
  • Top restaurants
  • AMBER alerts
  • Shipment tracking
  • Currency exchange rates, Stock watcher
  •  Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest alerts

So, for example, under weather, you can set up an alert to detect when there’s a temperature drop, and under sports, you can follow your favorite soccer team games. The app is available for free, so if you think it comes with the functionality that you have been looking for, then there’s really nothing that prevents you from giving it a try.

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