Driving doesn’t have to be boring, annoying or stressful, with the right tools you can transform it into a pleasant experience. I am a big fan of the reward system that Waze has come up with, and it just adds new meanings to what can otherwise be perceived as a necessary activity. driveflo ios android app

Of course, there are various other apps which can make your driving safer or some that can tell you more regarding the state of your car. DriveFlo is another app that you can add to your collection if you want technology to help you in becoming a better driver. Somewhat similar to Waze, the app comes with a point system that challenges you to beat your top score every time you’re on the road.

The app also comes with real-time audio and visual feedback, which gives you the feeling that there’s an assistant helping you out. DriveFlo automatically records all your trip data, including scores, distances, travel times, and routes, letting you revisit your best and worst journeys any time.

When we tested the app, we found out that while it wasn’t always accurate, it could be of great use for learning drivers and to those who like to keep a track of their trips. The battery didn’t drain as much as we expected it to, so you can go ahead and give it a try to see how it performs for you.

It’s really cool that you can analyze past trips in 3D along with pointers to your best and worst moves behind the wheel. You are given tips on how to become a more eco-friendly driver, thus saving on gas and maintenance. And if you are pleased with what you’ve achieved, you can share your scores across social network.

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