Facebook seems to be en-route in bringing about some major changes in the Mobile UI. The social networking giant is expected to overhaul the entire layout of Facebook app and bring about a fresh new approach by making it photocentric.

The new approach is also expected to make the Facebook app work better on devices with smaller screen and will aim at better screen real estate management. Facebook has a huge audience of more than a 500-Million users hooked on mobile devices and this literally translates to about 78 percent of the total active users.

Mobile users for Facebook are positively impacting on the revenue as 69 percent of Facebook’s $3.59 billion was garnered by mobile devices. The fact that users can access Facebook on their devices anytime and anywhere will automatically increase the probability of their transaction or interests in advertisement. Further the exponential growth in m-commerce and the aggressive app-only race by online businesses is further fuelling the ad-revenue growth.

The pictures of the testing showcase how the profile pic has housed in the center instead of the extreme left layout. Once the feature gets baked into the Facebook app it will let the user know of the new feature by pushing a pop-up notification and asking them to “create a public bio”. At this juncture the details are still murky we don’t know yet how the About, Photos and Friends menu will change or be replaced by something more intuitive.
Facebook spokesperson told TNW that “We’re testing a redesign of the mobile version of profile that improves the profile layout and better presents information about a person.”

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