In order to increase sales for its premium smartphones, Samsung sometimes offers bundles of paid content, apps, and premium service subscriptions for free along with the purchase of a particular device. The South Korean company bundled freebies worth $575 last year with the launch of Galaxy S5 and now it’s doing the same thing with the new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+.

galaxy gifts note 5 edge s6+

Called Galaxy Gifts, this is basically a package of premium apps and subscriptions that you can make use of after buying one of the two handsets. Here’s all the content and services that you will be getting:

  • Apps: Art Rage, Komoot, Sketch Book
  • Games: Driver Speedboat Paradise, Empire: Four Kingdoms, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, PES Club Manager
  • Subscriptions: 6 months for The Economist, 6 months premium for The Guardian, One Kindle ebook each month, 6 months Gold for Lifesum, 6 months for NY Times, 100GB OneDrive for 2 years, 3 months unlimited access for Scribd
  • Bonus: 15% off of your next reservation via TripAdvisor (up to $100)

Some of the apps, games are free by default in the Play Store, so this means you’ll receive some free in-app content. So if you’re planning to acquire one of the following smartphones, it’s good to know that you can also make use of this promotion. You just need a free Samsung account in order to download all of the goodies and make use of the special subscription prices.

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