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Amkette EVO Game Pro Review: Reliable Bluetooth Game Controller for Android

While there is a good portion of the world crazy about gaming and get themselves gaming consoles like the XBOX or the Playstations, there is another portion of the world who love to game on their phones. More than the cost being the reason, it is about convenience. We see more and more smartphones adopt some powerful processors that will allow for high end games to be run on, in addition to the notion of standard screen size being completely erased. From 4.7 to 5.0 to 5.5 inch and what not! A powerful processor and a bigger screen make it possible for a good gaming experience. Wait, we can throw in one more thing here to take it up a notch and give better user experience by solving some of the coming issues gamers face – The phones get heated up, the sweaty hands make the phone slip off and speaker grille positioning at times hamper the sound output. Entering the scene is a new breed of gadget accessories that will connect to your phones and give you a portion of the experience you’d have on the real gaming consoles.


Introducing the Amkette EVO Gamepad Pro. Consisting of a left and right analog sticks, 4 way directional pad, standard A-B-X-Y control buttons in front of the right analog stick, two bumpers and two triggers, the key highlight is the extendible flip out clip that can house phones coming upto 5.5” of screen. The tiny home, start and back buttons are scattered in the center portion. To the bottom side sits the on/off toggle switch and a micro USB charging port.

The gamepad is not really heavy and the build is quite decent. Rubberized matte finish provides a good grip and during elongated periods of gaming when there is a hint of sweat, the device never slipped off. The edges are ribbed to provide extra grip.


To start off, head on to the Google Play Store and download the Amkette EVO Pro app. Turn on the gamepro and follow the instructions on the app to pair up the phone via Bluetooth. That is it. You are all set to start gaming now – once you’ve clamped your phone into the flip open extendible clip. You can choose the gamepad to be on Gamepad Mode or a Mouse Mode based on your linking. The Gamepad Mode is what we loved. Switching between modes is very easy and works seamlessly. We had no issues at all.

Browse through the Evo Gamepad App and you will find a little more than 300 games available and this will cover almost all of the games from Angry Birds to Asphalt 8, from Soccer to Arcade games. To ensure compatibility, we tried the gamepad on OnePlus 2, Samsung Galaxy A8, Xiaomi Mi4, Moto G (2015), Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, Lenovo Z3 Note and none of them had issues.


You can also pair this with a tablet using the special stand that comes with the gamepad, which can support tablets unto 10-inches in size. You can maintain the connectivity to a distance of 10 meters but 7-8 meters is the safe range according to our experience.

Coming with a 400 mAh battery, it takes close to 30 minutes to charge up the gamepad. That provides up to 10-12 hours of continuous game play, which isn’t bad at all.

One of the things, apart from the physical design, is the bunch of 4 LED lights that have different ways to indicate a status. Example – the last two lights on means the gamepad is in pairing mode while the 3rd light on would mean its in a Gamepad mode.


The EVO Gamepad Pro comes at a price of 2,799 INR (~$42) and is available on Flipkart. Considering the amount of money people shell out on accessories like tempered glass, protection cases, earphones that run into thousands, this price for a gamepad that you can bring along when you are on a long travel to enrich your gaming experience is not a bad deal at all! Amkette has existed since a long time and have been making very reliable accessories for PCs and that does not change here. The coverage of the games being quite sufficient makes it a good buy.