Xiaomi has been undoubtedly one of those companies which is trying to come up with products which are radically different and yet don’t lose out on their relevancy. The company has tried it all from air-purifiers to smart weighing scales, now it seems that the company wants to further fortify the Xiaomi ecosystem by introducing its first laptop.


Rumor mills have been predicting this move from quiet some time but on this Wednesday, Richard Lee, chairman of laptop manufacturer Inventec said that the company would be assembling Xiaomi’s first laptops which will be shipped starting the first two quarters of 2016. He further also expressed his delight at the fact that Xiaomi already has a 200-million strong registered smartphone users, which will sort of create a baseline for the company to pitch their products.

Xiaomi has never ceased to surprise us, be it the uber affordable Mi 3 they released a couple of years ago or the current crop of high performing mid range phones announced in the recent past. The best part is the fact that Xiaomi has also been trying hard to shape up and fine tune the software which has slowly evolved to become its forte.

The details of the notebook are yet to be revealed but if past is something we can judge by, Xiaomi is expected to go bonkers over the new Notebook. Needless to say, it will be fitted with high end hardware at a price that is sure to disrupt the market segment altogether. Earlier reports from Bloomberg said that Xiaomi was hoping to come up with a laptop range which would directly compete with Apple’s Macbook Air lineup, ambitious but definitely not impossible.

Xiaomi has been on a roll recently, it launched the Mi 4c, announced the Mi MVNO SIM card and also the latest version of its custom overlay, MIUI 7. The notebooks are expected to be released in the Chinese market initially followed by the other asian markets. There are talks about Xiaomi making an entry to the US with these laptops. China has been one of the strongest markets for Apple and in fact this was the very reason that had prompted Tim Cook to open an account in Weibo, the Chinese social networking site.

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