Ampme App lets you Sync your Music with Friends’ Phones to Boost Sound

by: - Last updated on: September 25th, 2015

There aren’t so many phone out there with loud enough speakers, and we often have to resort to various accessories in order to keep the party fueled. But what if there were an app that wouldn’t require you to buy anything special in order to boost the sound? And, what’s even more awesome is that the app itself is also free.

ampme app

We’re talking about AmpMe, a fresh application available for both iOS and Android users which has the purpose of synching your phone with your friends’ devices in order to create the most portable sound system. The app enables both iOS and Android devices to play the same music together across both platforms in perfect sync, which creates the effect of powerful, distributed speaker so that everybody can enjoy that song you found. This is possible through a technology that has phones sending “audio-fingerprints” to each other.

Android users can also use AmpMe with Bluetooth speakers that include a microphone and there’s also an Apple Watch app which can be used to control the AmpMe playback. At the moment Ampme is compatible with Soundcloud, but the team said that they are working on adding more streaming services in the coming months.

Also, don’t worry, you will still get a phone call while using AmpMe, as the music will stop so you are able to answer and will start again when the call ends. And what’s really cool is that the music will continue to play on the others phones. The music is controlled by the Host users only, and those who have connected are only “Speakers” and they can only control the volume on their devices.

So all you need to do is to put AmpMe on your phone and on as many of your friends’ devices as you want, then sync and you’re ready to party. Have a look at the video below to see the app in action.

AmpMe – Be The Speakers from AmpMe on Vimeo.


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