There are so many goodies that are priced cheaper in other countries, but it’s so hard to bring them inside your nation’s borders. We already shared with you an useful guide on how to buy gadgets from the US and have them shipped to your country, so maybe you can check it out before we start talking about this new service.

Parcl is an online service that lets you buy products online that don’t ship to your country. Described as a “community of online shoppers and trusted forwarders,” the service claims to be working with world leading carriers, thus ensuring a safe and timely delivery. However, it needs to be mentioned that the service is currently in beta and that we haven’t tried it for yourselves, so take this article as a general presentation of how it claims to be working.


According to Parcl’s website, ordering a product from a foreign online shop and having it delivered to your door should be really easy. So, if you have around a great deal at an online store but it doesn’t ship to your country, you just head to Parcl and find a forwarder to help you out with purchase and delivery.

During the ordering process, you can opt for purchase assistance if you want to have the forwarder purchase the items for you, which means you will have to prepay the forwarder for the order. If you don’t need it, then this means you can purchase the products yourself and you only need the forwarder to provide a mailing address in the store’s country.

You can also specify what additional services you would like to request, such as contents photos and check, package consolidation and reinforcement, testing of electronic items for operability and removal of prohibited items.

Also, you can ask the forwarder to customs declaration, value modification and priority handling. After you have finished your order you will have to search for a forwarder.

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But, since the service is still in beta, this means they are still trying to attract more forwarders to use join them. It’s even possible to become a forwarder with them, as well. Parcl says that you will receive your ordered items no later than the date specified by the forwarder. And of your package gets delayed, then the forwarder will refund the money you paid for delivery.

All in all, this looks like a decent service, so if you are curious to try it out, let us know if you found enough forwarders in your country, because this wasn’t the case with me, so I wasn’t able to try it out.

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