The relation between man and machine has always been a pivotal point for the advent of technology, and the fact that robots started getting so much better speaks volumes about the future of droids. Ever wondered what would happen if your smartphone grows a pair of legs and arms? Here is the answer- Sharp’s RoboHon, a cute little robot that is filled to the brim with features. The smartphone sized robot needs to be carried everywhere just like a small girl with a doll, but mind you, the RoboHon is something much more than just a doll. The Robot talks, has an articulated arms, legs and it also has an inbuilt projector.

So just to clear out the confusion in the air, Robohon is a smartphone which is also a robot and just like any other smartphones you need to tag it along. Phew! The specifications of the phone seems to be dwarfed by the feats the tiny little bot can perform. The RoboHon is quite heavy at 390 gms and is almost 8-inch tall, which makes it as large as an average tablet. The Wi-Fi and the LTE make you realize that it is a phone after all, so does the tiny 2-inch display at the back of the robot. RoboHon comes with a facial recognition camera, voice recognition plus the way it actively responds to any commands.

The best part of RoboHon is the ease with which it dances, walks, sits down and raises its arms when it wants to tell you something, all the actions are smooth and natural. This tiny little bot comes with its own, Japanese version of Siri which lets you take note, setup alarm, take memos, send text messages and just use the projector on the nearest surface to show you what you want to see.

At the end of the day, RoboHon is a weird but impressive Robot that has to its credit, a certain level of cuteness, which is sure to help you get cozy with the Japanese doll almost instantly. This tiny Robot will be up for grabs next year in Japan and the chances are that Robohon might be restricted to the Japanese markets. In the meanwhile, the video below will give you a sneak peek at the feats RoboHon is capable of achieving.

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