Sticky notes are still the best way for many out there to remember what they need to buy. But if you think that’s too passe, then you can always choose a shopping list app to help you out.

Capitan is a new such app that is touted as the first smart shopping list that that learns as you use it and saves you time and money. Currently available for iOS and Android users, the comes with the bold purpose of helping you never forget anything at the store, thus preventing you from taking this annoying extra trips.


The concept is very simple – you create and share shopping lists with friends or family very easy. Thus, they will be able to contribute to the list. Capitan instantly groups items by categories and aisles of specific stores. It also learns your habits and will suggest items that you normally buy or that are running low. Thus, if you always pick up milk and bread and other products at a specific store, the app will show those lists that contain these itmes when you walk through their doors.

There are also smart notifications which let you know when someone in your network is approaching a grocery store in case you want to request an item last-minute. You can set the app to send reminders to make sure you don’t forget to buy items and to bring up relevant lists for the stores as you approach them.

The app is totally free to use, but despite that, it has a beautiful and easy to use and understand user interface. The app also helps you easily keep track of your diets, grouping everything and keeping things organized. There’s also a very capable version for Apple Watch users, as well, which comes with some extra features, as well.

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