Microsoft Garage project Arrow Launcher has been gaining quiet a good traction thanks to its easily accessible options and the slick UI. Despite the fact that the Google Play Store is flooded with Android launchers, none of them is near perfect for every single Android user. The best possibility till now was checking out which launcher suited our usage the best and then zero in on it. There was a time when I was using Google Launcher and the Arrow somewhat brings back the memory of the same. The Arrow launcher has exited beta and this is the best time for you to take the launcher for a spin and see how well it suits your needs.


As with most of the launchers, the main page displays the apps that are most frequently used blended with the contacts and a reminders screen, and another screen which shows my recent activities as well, slick indeed. The launcher also comes with quick toggles for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and these are the features mighty useful if your phone comes with stock Android.

Another useful bit at least for my usage is the pop up, quick access drawer which brings shortcuts to the most essentially apps and contacts, and it also has an access to the launchers setting letting you fiddle with its appearance in a jiffy. The recent menu is a great way to get a hold on recent files, photos or any sort of other stuff you had accessed in the recent times. While we do agree that Arrow can be better and maybe try integrating with Google accounts to communicate directly with the apps. That being said, Microsoft Garage has been coming up with great ideas, most of which are making it to the user’s device rather comfortably.

The Arrow launcher app can be downloaded from the Play store, alternatively one can also download the latest apk file for the launcher from here.

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