Xiaomi has always been known to divulge in an extremely diversified range of products, from the Mi Air Purifier to the Smart Scale to Segway-like Ninebot, it has done it all. Now the Chinese company has surprised us with their new offering – an AA sized battery that come painted in a rainbow theme.


So now you will be able to choose the color of the battery you want to use, and each box of battery consists of 10 pieces, every one of them comes in a different shade. The batteries look fresh with a number 5 decal etched over them. Xiaomi claims that the color code will help users realize which is the old battery and the new battery apart from bringing about fresh appeal to batteries, which was previously unheard of.


Inside the battery lies a high quality carbon rod from Maxell, a well-known Japanese battery manufacturer. Despite of having a similar appearance as that of a usual AA battery, Xiaomi claims that these colorful ones are designed more compactly, thus achieving better heat dissipation and a higher energy transfer rate. This design ingenuity increases the battery life and as per the company claims, it has a shelf life of seven years from the date of manufacture.

The batteries will retail in a box packaging and is priced at just 9.9 Yuan ($1.58) which is almost one tenth the price of other popular batteries like Duracell. Since the box comes with a casing, batteries can be easily stacked inside it and this will come in handy during travel. We have started to realize the distribution pull Xiaomi has with its investments in startups across segments in China and elsewhere. The AA battery is just a small piece in the huge jigsaw puzzle.

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