Xiaomi has once again come up with a laudable initiative and this time around the Chinese company is offering insurance for its devices in the form of Mi Protect. The insurance would cover damages inflicted by accidents, impacts, water logging and any other physical damage.


The protect plan however needs to be bought separately and will cost Rs 275 for Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Prime whereas the same protection plan will cost Rs 499 for the Mi4, Mi 4i and the Mi Pad. The prices for the protect plan are nominal and considering the fact that Xiaomi will also be arranging for a free drop and pickup, it can’t get any better.

The Mi Protect insurance will also insure your phone against thefts and it goes a step beyond and clocks their SIM card on the stolen device across the globe. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a SIM misuse insurance with a cover of a maximum Rs 3000, which will cover any sort of misuse of your number before you block it. The Mi Protect Plan will be valid for a year from the date of activation and will be offered (on purchase of the device on Mi.com only) for devices which are not more than two years old in the market. That said, in case of total loss or theft, One Assist will take into account the depreciation of the device, which is fair enough. We just wished that Xiaomi opened this for existing customers as well as a one time offer (probably for a small time).

Additionally you can check out this web page for detailed terms and conditions.

Xiaomi has partnered with One Assist and customers are expected to call 1800 407 333333 to avail the Protect plan, and for claims the One Assist executive would reach out to the customers and access the damaged part following which the claim process will start. Phones and Tablets are something that we cannot resist carrying with us all the time and as a result accidents are but evident. The Mi Protect Plan makes lots of sense since it not just provides a full-fledged support but it also comes at a nominal fee which is fraction of what you might actually end up spending in case of damages and thefts. Xiaomi has taken a lot of flak for not being able to provide optimal after sales service. These new initiatives should help them counter the negativity.

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