Microsoft Bing Maps has been lately getting some updates and although Microsoft sold part of its Maps business to Uber, it doesn’t stop them from continuously improvising. The Redmond company just announced a new feature for the Bing Maps which will beam the snapshots of traffic in real-time. The footage is a result of more than 35,000 cameras placed across 11 countries including Spain and the U.S.


The feature can be accessed by simply tapping the Traffic button on the top of the Bing Maps and the new feature will also allow you to check the views from multiple cameras in a particular city, the view can also be switched to a larger one from a single camera.

Given any particular routes, the Map will stack the cameras on the route for the users to compare, the recently viewed cameras will let you check the ones on your daily commute. Bing Maps had earlier incorporated the Clear flow traffic prediction algorithm which showed the density of the traffic on a particular road, just like how Google Maps has been doing.

Traffic cameras can be a good thing for the users for one they can check out for themselves if there is a congestion in the route, but again it is all about the intuitiveness of the feature. The caveat however lies in the fact that these cameras can pose a considerable security risks as anyone with the app can access the cameras on a real-time basis. Bing Maps major update earlier this year had bought new results card and a redesigned layout to the app. The cards of the nearby businesses were shown for the multiple destinations on the map.

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