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Smartapp Helps you Save on Your Prepaid Connections by Suggesting the Best Recharge Plans

A major number of cellular connections in India still prescribe to the prepaid mode of payment and lately it is becoming difficult for the subscribers to skim through the plethora of plans offered by the Telecom operators to decide which one is best for them. Smartapp is one such new app (android only) that aims at solving this problem by accessing your call logs & data usage, and based on the trends of the calls & data use, suggest the most optimum offer for you.


Smartapp confirms your operator along with the mobile number verification, post which it automatically suggests plans based on our usage pattern. The main menu page consists of a recharge card showing the percentage of discount one could get on the calls. The recharge suggestion is a combination of rate cutters and other full talktime plans.

However, the app doesn’t seem to pull the data from the “My Offers” section, which is usually a place where operators offer personalised discounts and talk plans for individual customers. The Smartapp also ranks the most frequently called contact along with the number of minutes and it takes a step further in suggesting a recharge pack for the same. The best part of the app is that it provides a detailed analysis of the calls by segregating them into STD, Local, incoming and Outgoing.


Smartapp still takes some time to register the internet usage and doesn’t include it in the suggested mobile plans right away. If the subscribers are on postpaid, they are expected to choose prepaid and the app is supposed to work as intended, the Smartapp also comes with an inbuilt recharge feature that lets you recharge without wandering out of the app.

Smartapp is still far from perfect and needs some serious tinkering, which is acceptable considering the app has just come out of beta. The navigation could have been better. For example, there is no easy way to get to the Data Usage screen. One has to click on call summary, scroll down and tap the ‘Goto Data Usage’ bar at the bottom. Future versions should support Postpaid plans as well and that will be a major step up. That said, the volume of call data it pulls out from your call log is simply amazing and it will help subscribers get a bird’s eye view of their calling pattern if not anything else. The Smartapp is pretty effective in suggesting the prepaid plans which will take care of all the calling needs for the selected validity. The premise on which Smartapp is built is really interesting and with addition of few more features and fine tuning the algorithm the app should be ready to do the deed.