The smartphones have greatly evolved in the recent past, but one thing that still needs to be addressed is the updates issue. Unlike a decade ago when phones firmware update almost meant nothing to the users, the things have changed drastically. Now a Software update not only heralds with bug fixes, but also offer a new set of features that will add a whole new dimension to your existing phones. While the updating process has been pretty smooth with iOS since they don’t have a diversified ecosystem, it has been a pain for Android and Windows users.


The updates trickle down to the devices only after the manufacturers write the drivers for the hardware which is usually closed source making it increasingly difficult for the OEMs to support the device. If the device has not been popular, irrespective of the price tag, manufacturers usually tend to skip them from the update list. Now adding to the problem is the fact that even the carriers are involved in this entire affair and they are often responsible for the snail paced update seeding process.

Windows update has always been a messy affair, remember how Microsoft left the folks on Windows Phone 7.5 in lurch when they couldn’t update to Windows Phone 8 owing to hardware compatibility issues. For this very reason, Microsoft came with an “Where’s My Phone Update?” a site which allowed you to track your updates, a useful bit of information but still futile in addressing the problem. According to WM Poweruser, Microsoft has now gathered the muscles to bypass the phone networks and seed unified updates to all the phones running Windows 10. The build will be same as the Windows 10 PC version thus ensuring that all the devices running on the Windows 10 ecosystem get the new features and patches simultaneously. Although as of now the Tweet is mostly referring to the cumulative update across the Windows 10 ecosystem, which would not be possible without overriding the operators control over the updates.

What this means for Windows 10 Mobile users is that you no more need to worry about the updates for your phone as rest assured your phone will not be probably left in the dark and will be duly updated.

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