Wearables have been assuming many shapes and sizes with some of them focusing solely on fitness, while others are trying to become the perfect device to bring in the phone notifications. Amidst the scores of different wearables, Safer, from Leaf Wearables, is one of the handful that manages to distinguish itself from the crowd, with a clear target audience in mind.


The USP of the product is that it’s not just a fancy looking piece of jewellery for the ladies to wear, but it also doubles up as a device that will help them be safe wherever they go. Unlike other wearables, Safer doesn’t wrap around your wrist. Instead it comes as a pendent that can be worn around the neck.

The Safer companion app will let you pre-set guardian’s numbers so that in case of emergency, all you have to do is press the button twice and a SOS alert along with your location will be sent to your guardians. Additionally, Safer will also let you nominate your guardians to monitor your movements on map whilst traveling, which is definitely a better way to update your movements to parents without the need of actually ringing them up and manually informing.

1safer for safety

Safer can also nudge you to check the phone with a slight beep allowing you to access important calls and other related notifications even is silent mode. The device also comes with a Selfie trigger which will allow users to click the selfies by pressing the device. As expected, the device works on Bluetooth LE 4.0 and it offers a 7-day battery life which is impressive considering that it takes only 15-minutes to charge.

As we mentioned earlier, Safer has to be one of the most appealing wearables in the market, it blends in with the traditional jewellery look and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The device is made up of customisable stainless steel case which is also scratch free. The company has also readied different colors of the product. The Smart Jewellery kit is currently retailing for Rs 3,500 (~$52) while the Tag which can be attached to a keybunch or a purse handle is priced at Rs 2,500 (~$37). Currently, the device is being sold in India only, but has potential to be a success globally.

With the crime against women increasing, it makes a lot of sense for smart technology like Safer. On the other hand, it would also shape up as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Safer has a limited set of functionality but that is again something we could overlook considering the fact that it is trying to address a very important issue. If you are still in doubt, the video above will give you a much clearer perspective of how it works.

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