Flappy Bird, probably the most frustrating game ever released in the smartphone history, was taken down from the app stores by Dong Nguyen, its developer, mostly because of the addiction and criticism it received. Even after that, the developer stayed in spotlight thanks to ‘Swing Copters’, an equally unyielding yet competitive game, but for some reason it wasn’t that triumphant.

Now the same gaming studio is back, which by the way now consists of six members including Nguyen, with another painful mobile free-to-play game, Swing Copters 2.


The concept all around remains identical, players are asked to move around the same pixelated creature wearing the good old loved propeller hat through a tiny space between two swinging hammers. Like before, it is endless but getting to a score of 2 is still a challenge.

Each character other than looking a bit divergent, also have different properties which control aspects like how quick they fly up, how fast they fly side to side, and their “handling” attributes which seems to be how quickly they turn when you tap.


Simplicity and ultra-difficult are the two main qualities seen in all these apps and the developer still sticks to them making this game incredibly tough to master. However, there are some new additions this time including improved graphics and some new characters to try which can be unlocked by the user throughout the game.

Swing Copters 2 features DotGears’ (the name of the gaming studio) signature banner ads, but this time around developers also introduced a pay-to-unlock system to access new characters for $0.99 each.


Flappy bird soon after its launch became the most downloaded app on the app store leading to developer pulling it out mysteriously only to put it back weeks later. Even Android (5.0+) easter egg features a game that follows the same gameplay and smartphones with Flappy Bird still installed began popping up at premium prices on eBay.

Nguyen went quiet for months after that with the Swing Copters releasing in August 2014, on his website he writes “At first, the plan was to update the current app so it should take one month. However, the plan was changed to make a sequel instead, and it took more than two months. We worked hard to complete it in 2015.

You won’t have to wait that long to try it, Swing Copters 2 will be releasing on 17th of December both on Apple app store and Google’s Play Store.

Update: Download Swing Copters 2 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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