GoPro rivaling action camera maker Polaroid has set it foots in the Indian market with the Polaroid Cube, the Cube+ and a pocket size Polaroid ZIP printer. The company seems to be targeting the younger folks to use their products and eventually with Polaroid’s foray into the Indian action camera market we just got a new option to try out.

Lately, action cameras have been garnering quiet a lot of traction as it can be used by folks on the move, be it the water sports activities, mountain climbing, rappelling or even bike rides. The Polaroid should be able to distinguish itself from the other products in the market since it has been in the Imaging industry from quiet a long time and this expertise can be used to leverage the functionality of the products.

Polaroid Cube

Polaroid Cube is a Cube shaped action camera which can be used for capturing several sports events and travel. The essence here is that the action cameras will come in handy for several occasions and its left to the user’s imagination on how well they can use the Cube. The Polaroid Cube is capable of shooting videos at an resolution of 1080p/720p and it captures the stills an resolution of 6-Megapixels. The Cube boasts of a magnetic base allowing it to be clamped on most of the surfaces including helmet.

Being an Action camera the Cube does come with weather proof and splash proof features and the 124-degrees wide angle lens will help in capturing from the wider perspective. The battery backup lasts for 1.5 hours and it comes with a microSD card storage slot that can accommodate 32GB.

Poloroid Cube+

As the nomenclature suggests the Cube+ is a notch higher when it comes to features as opposed to the plain Cube.  The Cube+ boasts of a Wi-Fi connectivity feature which will allow you to control the camera with a smartphone companion app, ideal for wild life photographers and folks who love to capture landscape transitions across the day.

ZIP Printer


Polaroid is a company that has always been mostly associated with the instant shoot and print cameras which were very famous in the 90’s and even in the early 2000’s. Now the company seems to have extended the same concept and imbibed it in a pocket sized printer which would churn out photos of 2” x 3”. The printer is backed up by a 500 mAh battery and is expected to deliver 25 sheets per charge.

The Polaroid range is already retailing on Flipkart and the best part is that the Polaroid Cube is priced at Rs 9,099 which is definitely more affordable than the GoPro, although it’s not as feature rich as the latter.

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