Flipkart, the blue-eyed boy of Indian eCommerce industry famously pitched for the App-only strategy in September last year where it completely shut down its mobile website quoting huge success of the same in its experiment with Myntra. But data proved otherwise. Flipkart’s decision to go app only with Myntra was a disaster, and so was the decision with Flipkart itself. Towards the end of last year, Flipkart sort of abandoned its app-only plans and launched Flipkart Lite. But then, it was available only for Chrome and Opera mobile browsers.


And today, we see that Flipkart mobile website is back on UC Browser as well. We are not sure when exactly did Flipkart started working on UC Browser, but as per some of our readers, it’s working since today morning. Interestingly, it doesn’t carry the ‘Flipkart Lite’ tag like on Chrome or Opera which they promoted as a web app. But for all practical purposes, it looks and works the same on UC Browser as it does on Chrome.

For the uninitiated, UC Browser is the No.1 mobile web browser in India and third most popular app overall in the country. The company claims over 50% market share in India. Although some might question the means of reaching to this point, there is no way an eCommerce site like Flipkart can ignore it for so long.

With Flipkart Lite, the company was amongst the first ones to take advantages of new features in Chrome like the new notifications, Service Workers and others. So Google was hand-in-glove with the development of Flipkart Lite. That should probably explain why it isn’t called ‘Lite’ on UCBrowser.

Flipkart mobile site is still inaccessible on other web browsers, most notably Safari for iOS and Firefox for Android. Now that Flipkart mobile site is back on UC Browser, can we expect them to support all other mobile browsers as well? We think so. We have reached out to Flipkart and will update with whatever we hear back from them. So stay tuned.

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