TrueBalance App Aims at Solving Prepaid Users Woes with Postpaid like Itemised Bill and Low Balance Alerts

When it comes to mobile subscribers a majority of smartphone and feature phone owners in India use prepaid connections. The logic behind the idea seems to be the fact that when usage is low the prepaid connections make much more sense than a postpaid one. One of the primary concerns for any prepaid users is to keep a tab on their balance, it is quite a common scenario wherein you run out of credit and need to make an urgent call.

, TrueBalance App Aims at Solving Prepaid Users Woes with Postpaid like Itemised Bill and Low Balance Alerts


TrueBalance App is an attempt to solve the prepaid user’s woes by displaying the talktime and the data usage left on realtime basis, without the need to dial the USSD code. The app goes beyond displaying balance and comes with features that would prove to be extremely useful for a prepaid user.

The app needs you to register, once done it fetches the talktime and data balance from the operator. TrueBalance offers a transaction history which will list out all the recharges and deductions from your account, thus acting like a detailed balance statement for your prepaid account. The portal menu lets you choose from the slew of offers and also lets you exercise control over the VAS services. Additionally, the app also keeps a tab on your rate cutter and warns you about low balance.

True balance supports recharge on its app and each recharge will result in app points which can be redeemed later. On a related note, remembering the USSD codes for every operator is yet another pain point that TrueBalance solves. If you are a prepaid user, it is very likely that you had completely forgotten about the data expiration date and as a result gobbled up the balance from your main account and for this the app reminds you about the data pack and rate cutter expiration date by beaming a notification.

The statistics shown by the app also seem to be impressive, it takes into tally both the data and voice call usage. Truebalance app is a great tool for prepaid users and it is the simple feature like displaying the balance, data statistics and low balance alert that make this app a formidable choice.