Smartbro Range is a First of its Kind App that Detects Call Drops and Quality of Signal

TRAI has been attacking the telecom operators to curtail the degree of call drops which usually happens at the expense of the consumer’s money. Telecom operators on the other end are blaming on the lack of spectrum and other infrastructural issues. At the end of the day it is the consumers that suffer and i don’t know if its for all but since the last few months i am facing a spike in the number of call drops on my Airtel connection.


The worst part till now was that one couldn’t judge if the call drop was the fault of the provider or the user but a new app called SmartRange Bro attempts to set this straight. I have installed this app from last few weeks and it did work like a charm, eventually letting me in on the fact that my network was indeed very poor.

The Smartbro range detects the call drops with a good degree of accuracy and it keeps a tab on the percentile of call dropped every day and every week. Additionally, it also has an option for reporting the call drop which we feel will work in the subsequent builds of the app. This feature is something that might go hand in glove with the TRAI’s new move to penalise the Telecom operators for call drops.

Smartbro Range app will also let you know about your signal quality before calling someone and i wasn’t surprised to learn that Airtel offered a pathetic signal quality almost every time. Coming back to the point, there were days when my call drops hovered around 20%-25% and the percentile even shot up to 30%. The weekly average however settled at 10%, which still filled me with remorse considering that the maximum call drop rate should be in the region of 1-2%.

Apart from the inconvenience caused the math behind the call drop has dismayed me further. Assuming that my monthly cell phone usage averages at Rs 1000 with a call drop of 10%, it is safe to assume that 10% of my monthly bill is paid towards operator’s fault. It is now relatively easy to realize how much money an average consumer is losing due to call drop while the telecos are in fact benefitting from the same.

TRAI has been taking a strict stance when it comes to call drops, it has in fact bashed the telecom operators for not providing quality services. That being said, smart range bro is just the beginning and we are pretty much sure that there will be a bunch of such apps in the near future which will also allow you to report call drops directly to the authorities.