Do I look fat?” is probably the toughest question to answer when she is actually a little fat. You know the further consequences.

People are getting more health conscious than ever before. They’re so much concerned about health that you can find Stay healthy quote written in their New Year resolutions list. Nothing surprising here, but not everyone follows them though.

Staying healthy is quite a task now. People curate their exercise plans, diet plans, and use several online resources like EatThisMuch, HealthyEater etc. to stay in shape.

smart health monitoring device

Health monitoring devices like smartwatches and fitness tracker bands have pulled many eyes. From counting your steps and calories to heart rate monitoring, these gadgets have gotten really smart over the time. Despite having these many resources, people still fail to follow their self made health plans and leave that New Year resolution eating dust.

To keep your feet on the track and help to stay fit, Samsung plans to step further to make the smartest health monitoring device, reveals one of their latest patents.

The health monitoring gadget houses tons of sensors. It is capable to measure almost every minute detail of your body – ECG, PCG, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. And this Smart Fitness Device which could be a smartwatch, unlike other regular smartwatches and fitness bands, can provide you customized regular tasks to keep you healthy.

The patent mentions that the smartwatch will observe your daily activities to gauge your fitness level. Daily activities like eating habits, resting times, daily workout sessions (if you do!), blood sugar & glucose levels, body stress levels and several other fancy things like PCG, ECG etc.

It then creates a score based on your health status and provides customized tasks for you on its own. The tasks may include new eating, exercising, and sleeping plans. It also keeps a check on whether you follow those plans or not.

samsung smartwatch

Not only this, the watch can even recommend you medicines if you’re suffering from a health complication. And as it will be connected with your smartphone, you will get notified regarding your upcoming tasks and health details.

Health plans – exercising schedule, diet plans, etc. – are easy to formulate, but monitoring them is time consuming and sometime frustrating. And Samsung, with all the features that its patented Smartwatch promises, hits the nail right on the head.

Thus, besides all the health benefits, the smartwatch also saves you several hours that you may be spending on various apps and websites. As with many other patents, we are still not sure if we ever see these features on a smartwatch in the near future, but it’s quite possible that Samsung is working hard at it.

This was a guest post by Shabaz Khan, who is a Marketing Analyst at GreyB Services, a patent research and analytics firms. He loves patents (yes his GF, too) and thinks a lot about how technology will change the future of humanity.

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