In a surprising turn of events, along with the usual next generation devices, Asus also at their Computex event announced cute little robot titled “ZenBo”. The walking machine is capable of answering questions, setting up appointments, controlling your home and as a bonus, can dance too. Priced at $599, Asus says their ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household, With the goals of “assistance, entertainment, and companionship,” it’s particularly aimed at older people. Hence, here are four things ZenBo promises to do.


1. Walk and Talk.

The Zenbo has the ability to roam around freely on its own and can also take directions through specific voice commands. Additionally, it can talk and reply with answers to your questions or alert you with a reminder. ZenBo’s face also acts as a touchscreen that can be operated to order groceries, video calls or watch a video. Moreover at the stage, Asus asked the robot to dance and it actually did, although, in an awkward robotic way.

2. Smart Home Devices Compatibility.


Alike every other home device, the ZenBo can also connect and control your smart home and security devices. For instance, you’ll be able to directly watch who’s on the door and ask the robot to unlock. Moreover, it can control lights, air conditioners and other related electronics.

3. A Perfect Family Companion.

The ZenBo proves as the perfect family companion with its vast feature set helpful for every member of the house. ZenBo can read bedtime stories or keep an eye on the baby with its built-in camera. Asus has also packed in emergency features that allow the robot to send bulk messages whenever necessary. It can read out recipes and the company claims, ZenBo can also act as a tutor to kids.


4. ZenBo Developer Program.

Through the ZenBo developer program and bot’s SDK, developers can also come forward and devise various other functions to push forward this technology. However, most people will be reluctant to release updates specifically for this robot. Until companies agree on a common platform, products like these will definitely remain limited to native functionalities.

Asus ZenBo retails at $599 with currently no word on availability or worldwide release. The comparatively cheap price tag can make it a success, however, Asus will have to keep updating and add more relevant features to achieve a profitable lineup.

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