Mosquitoes have been the mini vampires in most of our lives, they don’t just suck blood but also gift us with various tropical diseases. Well, it is for this reason we use mosquito repellent coils and condensers, but LG has taken the game to an entirely different level. The Korean company has sworn to keep the mosquitoes at bay and it is for this reason they have come up with a “new device” called… TV!


Yes, LG wants to drive away the mosquitoes in your house with their televisions which were earlier meant to be used only for entertainment purposes. The company has used the Sound Wave technology to make the mosquitoes fly away without any harmful radiation. Thankfully, the technology doesn’t use any chemicals making it much safer than the usual mosquito repellents.

This is what Mr Howard Lee, Director Home Entertainment had to say about the breakthrough innovationLG is constantly introducing products based on Indian insights, making them more meaningful for the Indian consumers. The new Mosquito Away technology in television is an extension of this philosophy, transiting beyond viewing experience and truly building a healthy environment at home. We at LG want to deliver innovation at its best for our customers and we hope that this product will be beneficial for them.

Just as the company claimed, the Mosquito Away feature is India centric and they had incorporated the same in air conditioners earlier. That being said, it is still not established that Ultrasonic waves will drive away the mosquitoes, in fact one of the study clearly states that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the ultrasound repels mosquitoes. However, LG warns that Mosquitoes might soon develop resistance to the sound eventually rendering the Mosquito away feature less useful.

The LG TV with Mosquito Away feature will be available at LG Stores priced at Rs 26,900 for the 80cm and Rs 47,500 for the 108cm. So sit back, grab some coffee, throw open the windows and enjoy your favorite sitcom while your television fights off the mosquitoes!

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