Storage woes on our smartphones are nothing new and the fact that we fail to clear out the trash every now and then it just inflates the problem. While we do understand that some of the Android smartphones comes with internal memory of 64GB, many others average at 8GB-16GB. Next time you run out of storage on Android phones spare some time to explore the WhatsApp media folder which is usually swarming with unwanted memes, forwards and the so called ‘funny pictures.’



We all have a handful of friends who dedicate a sizeable amount of their lifetime in sending forwards and pictures to all. It is these pictures that snowball and hold the internal memory hostage. In most of the cases we can entertain the possibility that the resulted trash accounts for couple of GB’s. Coming to think of it can be a nightmarish affair to filter and delete each messages individually.

Siftr, an Indian startup has come up a new app called Magic Cleaner which leverages the deep learning technology and inbuilt algorithms to clear the unwanted images. The images are analysed by the server and it automatically filters the pictures that one wouldn’t need. Furthermore, if you have a particular folder that you don’t want the app to skim through one can just exclude the folder from the settings. It is good to see that the Magic Cleaner automatically classifies the images into screenshots, memes and audios.

The only caveat is that the app needs to send the pictures to the servers for analysis and this might gobble up your precious data when not on Wi-Fi, we would recommend you to switch on the “Wi-Fi Only” option from the menu which would ensure that the pictures are analysed only if your phone is latched to a Wi-Fi. However, the apps picture analysis capabilities are restricted to certain number of images after which you need to rerun the analysis program.

With the exponential rise in the smartphone content consumption it is utility apps like these that go a long way in ironing out the memory woes. In a nutshell the Magic Cleaner works flawlessly and is one of the very few apps that will probably stay on my phone for a long time.

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