We have seen a ton of new Launchers on the Google Play Store and only a handful of them have proved their worth over the users. I have hopped from Nokia Z Launcher, Google Now Launcher to Nova launcher. Evie launcher is yet another Android launcher that promises to keep it simple and clutter free. The highlight, however, seems to be the swipe down to the search feature, something that iOS users have been spoilt with over the years.



The swipe down to search feature is an extremely helpful thing, especially if you want to scourge your phone or the internet in a jiffy. Unlike the Nova launcher the Evie is very simple so much so that one would start disliking the barebones approach in the due course of time. Users can book Uber rides, search for nearby stuff and also access the files on the phone all with a single swipe down. The search feature also stores the recent searches so that your favourite things find a place for themselves at the top.

The Evie launcher features a three menu pane, one for accessing all the apps, another for the widgets and the last one for settings. The apps are arranged alphabetically and one can also open the apps by just tapping on the initial letter. Not a cringe-worthy feature but better than manually skimming through the app list. It is good to see that the launcher will let you perform stuff like checking out a restaurant, booking a flight ticket all from the swipe down feature and setting up the shortcuts.

The not so good part about the app is that it has been geographically restricted, to be precise the app currently caters best to the US audience. Evie might have been restricted in some of the regions due to the incomplete integration with the nearby searches. Moving further, the icon pack was yet another highlight of the app net to the fact that it is currently free. Apart from the aforementioned reasons and of course the Swipe down to search feature the Evie is a pretty ordinary launcher.

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