Despite going through several iterations, handling multiple notifications on Android at the same time or while you’re busy is still a challenging job. There is a complicated native process to check previous notifications’ history, although, features like postponing or retrieving dismissed alerts, is not possible. Fortunately, on Android, there’s a straightforward app available now that maintains a functional log of your entire notifications’ history, called Notif Log.

Notif Log is a free ad-supported application that sustains a log of your entire past and current notifications. Additionally, it comes with a plethora of interactive features like snoozing, pinning particular alerts, widgets and more to provide a vast control over them. Moreover, the developers recently added a floating pull-down accessible by swiping down from a specific corner of the display.


As soon as you fire up the app, you’ll need to grant notification access which is just a one-time thing. Once done, incoming notifications will begin appearing on the homepage, entries can be further manipulated using swipes. For dismissing a notification, swipe right and vice-versa to snooze them for a time period, hit “more” there to define a custom timer. You can review or drop snoozed alerts from the dedicated list accessible through the clock icon located on top. Additionally, long pressing a notification will bring up another menu consisting alluring options like “Rearrange” that lets you sort out the list, “Pin to Top” permanently situates a notification on top, “Snooze” and through “Advanced”, you can exclude the app sending that alert. Lastly, you can tap the floating button present on the bottom right to clear all notifications.


Notif Log also comes with a feature titled “Floatie” that adds another notification shade on the upper right edge of the screen, it basically encloses the entire app under it. Pro users will surely like to activate this, however, it can get a bit clumsy on compact phones. Floatie can be customized in terms of appearance and size in the settings menu. Moreover, you can personalize app’s design there along with maximum preserved notification count and more. If you don’t find Floatie quite helpful, there’s also a widget you can append on the home screen. Do note that restarting the device will completely vanish app’s history.


To remove advertisements on Notif Log, you’ll have to pay Rs 70 which is reasonable for users who plan to actively utilize the service. We do hope Google brings this ability in one of their upcoming updates, until then, though, Notif Log works flawlessly. That was all, go ahead and give it a shot, let us know if you’re stuck at some step.

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