Tidl is a Smart-Resume Portfolio Service Based on the “Moments” Concept

At a time when we have at our disposal at least a dozen good ways to search for jobs, a company called Tidl (not to be mistaken for Tidal) has begged to differ. The smart resume-portfolio service is based on the premise of moments. Unlike other services setting up your CV is quite easy and a bit exciting too. Just link your Twitter and other social accounts along with some elementary details and you are good to go.

, Tidl is a Smart-Resume Portfolio Service Based on the “Moments” Concept

Most of us have our own up’s and downs in professional life and Moment is a feature that lets you record your achievement. The achievement might be anything from a successful completion of a professional project to the moment you actually learn cooking Chinese. The sole purpose behind this feature is that makers of Tidl want your achievement’s to be highlighted and this is something that will give recruiters a more intuitive insight into your achievements.

Furthermore, the service will also segregate your achievements based on the nature of the same and it kind of prompts you to keep the resume updated with relevant skills. Tidl is still in Beta and most of the features are being worked upon. They are yet to offer the option to download one’s Resume and add company feature for the employers.

I found the resulting Resume to be interesting and definitely a notch above the dull and bare boned CV’s we are used to but again it is more of an online portfolio than an actual resume. Similar to LinkedIn one can also look out for openings relevant to their skill sets and also apply for the Job, but again this feature is still in the making. Tidl seems to be a great new way of creating your professional portfolios and it would be interesting to see the new features that this service would get after it exits Beta, till then you can try out the service here.