Twitter has been around for quite long and during its inception, the SMS was in vogue. Taking a cue from the same, a group of young programmers wanted to help users send SMS to a group of people. Mind it, SMS as a technology didn’t work that well with long messages and usually it was these long messages that would eventually be truncated. Years later, the 140-characters of Twitter has become one of its main highlights and also a much-needed nuance.

Twitter has made some changes to its character limit recently one that also excludes the @”name” and the links from the count. But despite all these changes, the character limit is something that still lives on. One of the best ways to circumvent the 140 character limit is by writing a series of Tweets and numbering them accordingly, popularly known as a Tweetstorm.


In order to help the folks who love to tweetstorm, we have many online tools at our disposal. Storm It is an Android app that automatically segregates your tweets and publishes them as separate tweets. It also numbers the Tweets making it easier for others to follow the sequence. As of now, the app doesn’t come with too many options and only lets you select the fashion in which the Tweets have to be numbered. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

I tried tweeting my two cents on the Pokémon Go and the app broke it down into four parts and tweeted it out. Not only that the tweets were numbered aptly and the content of the Tweets was divided consistently, Storm It scores in intelligently guessing the right point to break the tweet. No, it doesn’t always work perfectly, but more often than not, it breaks at a full sentence, so that it isn’t too tough to comprehend when the tweet is viewed individually. Probably that’s where it scores over web apps like Tall Tweets. NFN Labs, the Chennai-based company, which created Storm It says that the iOS version will be out soon and they are also parallelly working on adding new features to the app.

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