Amazon’s Prime Membership has its own perks but the one that stands out is the unlimited cloud storage for your photos and an additional 5GB for another type of files. Just in case you happen to own any of the Fire devices you will also be rewarded with an additional 5GB of cloud storage space. Amazon has announced a new offer that will simply leave the competitors behind to bite the dust, Unlimited Cloud Storage at just £55 in U.K.


If you are someone who believes in storing the stuff on the cloud for various reasons, then maybe the Unlimited cloud storage is kind of ultimate offer. Furthermore, just to sweeten the deal Amazon is tossing in a 3-months trial for the unlimited everything plan. Also, Amazon is offering an Unlimited Photos plan completely free for its Prime subscribers.

For contrast sake, Google Drives 30TB cloud storage in U.K will cost one a whopping $299 per month which now seems like a fortune as opposed to the Amazon Cloud. That said Google is also offering unlimited photo storage for all but the caveat being that the Photo should not be exceeding certain resolution. This time around Amazon will be offering the unlimited cloud space irrespective of whether the user has subscribed for Prime or not. Amazon drive has been picking the pace and the desktop app is now better than before. The drive is also accessible through the browsers, Android app, and iOS app.

Since the offer was too good to believe I dug deep into the Terms and Conditions and guess what, there is no ambiguous clause that will somehow void the unlimited storage. Bottomline, the Amazon Unlimited is not just a worthwhile investment but also an absolute no brainer.

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