Artificial Intelligence has been the cornerstone of most new age technologies and products. So far the AI has mostly been used behind the scenes and personally this is the first time I have witnessed such a direct and justified use of AI. is an intelligent virtual assistant that aims at helping people keep a tab on the particulars of the meetings (Remember, how every team has a special guy assigned to take care of Minutes of Meetings). Unlike other tools which just record the conversation, the goes beyond that.


Here is how it works, just like a real human all you would need to do is cc Claire in the calendar invite and provided the invite comes with a dial-in number alongside PIN, Claire will dial in automatically and take notes during the meetings. Post the meetings notes are delivered to the stakeholder via email along with an option to send the notes directly to the CRM or tools like Slack, Salesforce, and Trello.

What’s Interesting is that Claire not only jots down the points but also segregates the same into next steps and to-do lists, thanks to the AI. As of now the tool can dial into any number and join the meeting, however, if it requires some kind of speaking the tool fails to connect. The makers of the app claim that they will soon be adding new features including the ability to join the calls on other VoIP clients including Skype and Hangouts.

The tool is already being used by individuals and larger firms and according to the company it is Sales execs, Management consultants, Lawyers, Financial advisors that constitute as their majority users.  While at the outset might seem like just any other tools to organise meeting stuff, it begs to differ. To start with companies can end up saving a huge chunk of money by not employing transcribers and yet have a systematic record of the meeting particulars. The automation also means that one no more needs to send the Minutes of Meeting manually over the e-mail. On the other hand, the Clarke can potentially shape up as a great tool for small companies and also freelancers.

300-minutes of Note taking every month to any US number would cost $12.50/Month, if you want to move beyond the time limit Clarke is also being offered at $30/Month for a Professional Plan and $45/Month for Enterprise Plan.

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