Openvid is a one click desktop cam and mic recording tool for Chrome. The tool is available as a Chrome extension and it can shape up as an indispensable tool. It is very likely that we come across a situation wherein we need to send a screen record for better corroborating and it is during such times that the OpenVid will come in handy. Other use cases include but not restricted to tutorial making, explaining how stuff works to your remotely working colleague and recording screenplay for other purposes.


OpenVid is completely free and unlike some of the other tools, it comes devoid of time limit or any other cap over the features. The caveat though means that one needs to refer to users to OpenVid in order to get unlimited features free. The new update has further bettered the offering by integrating front camera recordings in a Picture-in-Picture format. The entire desktop can be recorded and once done the videos will be uploaded.

OpenVid claims that their clientele includes more than 12,800 employees from companies like Uber, Dropbox, Zendesk, Salesforce and Intercom. I tried recording a few videos and what impressed me was the overall sleekness with which the software operated, no lag whatsoever. Plus, the HUD like display menu is something that let me record the screen at peace.

Once you initiate a recording session a countdown timer is displayed after which you will go live. Thankfully the tool also comes with screen sharing ability so that you can corroborate in a better way. That said there is no option to live stream the screen directly, a feature that would add a whole new set of possibilities. If you are on Chrome 49 or later it is most likely that the Openvid will record the screen in HD, however, the makers of OpenVid say that 4K feature is in the pipeline and will be added soon.

Also, in order to get Unlimited storage space for free one has to make a successful referral and second referral would unlock the unlimited recording time which is otherwise limited to 5-minutes. OpenVid will also reward you with $5 in credit for every person you successfully add after the 2nd referral (referral capped at $50).

The bottom line, this is one of the slickest screen video recorders I have come across in ages and the best part is the simplicity with which it packs in all the features. The cloud storage is yet another feature that I loved and just hope that they will integrate cloud services like GDrive and OneDrive into the tool.

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