Prisma had taken the app store by storm ever since it was released a couple of months ago. The photo filter app came with an inherent ability to turn traditional photographs into pieces of work of art, though many apps previously promised the same they couldn’t achieve the efficacy of Prisma. As a result, the virility of Prisma translated into millions of downloads. This time around Prisma is all set to pick up a new feature for iOS app, the ability to support videos.


The users of Prisma iPhone app can now turn small video clips of up to 15 seconds into an animation by selecting any of the nine filters. The apps AI algorithm will stitch the content frame by frame and will deliver an animated form of the video. Just imagine the possibilities and the fun factor involved with this feature. You can turn your office corridor into a comic hallway or maybe hyper lapse a nearby street and convert it into a cartoon.

Thankfully Prisma will also let you convert preshot videos from the camera roll but for all of these, you would be needing to run iOS 10. The makers of the app also request for a little patience as it can take more than a minute to process the video depending on the variables including, length, resolution, and your phone’s processing prowess. Coming to think of it Prisma might also make a great use case for animated GIF’s created from usual videos.

Talks have been going on that Prisma will soon be adding the offline photo processing to their app and this feature is first expected to herald for Android. Also, Aram Airapetyan, co-founder Prisma says that video edit for Android is in the pipeline. That said, even the feature for iOS 10 is still in beta and the processing time might go down once it hits the final version. Also, Prisma is not the only player in this game and apps like PicsArt already have their video processing at the place but as we exclaimed earlier the Prisma might steal the show with its easy to use interface and the superlative results.

Instead of going in for a VC funding like any other app that is peaking with millions of downloads, Prisma has decided to start monetizing with sponsored styles. The official video from the music group Tweed has employed Prisma for their video and you can see for yourself how at every 15 seconds the filter effects go away and make a comeback later.

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