Google has been touting the camera in its Pixel phone as one of the best in the smartphones and along with this, they have also added a few new features for its camera app. XDA has dismantled the Google Camera v4.2 from the out of the box pixel and now the apk has been modified to be installed in Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.


The apk needs to be side loaded which means that it will not overwrite your current Google Camera app. The app is expected to work in all Nexus ARM64 devices running Android Nougat 7.0+ and that categorically leaves behind Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. After installing the app the first thing I noticed was the shooting grids. The camera app will let you choose from 3×3, 4×4, and a Golden Ratio grid.


The most important feature comes in the form of autofocus lock and exposure control. Both the features can be accessed by long pressing on the area to be focussed. The long press will activate a slider which can be used to control exposure. While a few of the mod users are reporting faster speeds and better quality as opposed to the previous camera app, I found it to be same as before except for the improved stabilization while shooting videos. The unbundled apk can be downloaded from here.

It is interesting to see how features that Google touted to be exclusive for Pixel phones are eventually trickling down in the form of installable apk’s. First, it was the Pixel launcher, the Google Assistant integration, the new dialer UI and now the Camera app. Pixel undoubtedly has the hardware advantage over the Nexus phones but the software integration is something that has been the showstopper, with the apps being unraveled it will be interesting to see if the Pixel will lose out on its uniqueness when it comes to software front.

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