The last two days have been busy ones for both Apple and Microsoft. While Apple launched the much-awaited update for their MacBook Pro Microsoft did the same for its Surface. However, Microsoft has now announced that it will be offering $650 off when trading in a MacBook. Well, the offer couldn’t have come at a much better time as Apple just announced their new MacBook Pro lineup. Microsoft has been trying to battle it out with Apple when it comes to its Surface Book lineup and the offer is one of the instances wherein Microsoft wants users to get a taste of their Surface lineup.


The offer is already up and anyone in the U.S can trade in their MacBook Pro or even a MacBook Air at a Microsoft Store in exchange of rebate up to $650 for a Surface Book. The offer is further detailed as follows “Today, we are announcing a limited-time “trade up” offer to invite more people to experience Surface. If you have a Mac but want to experience the ultimate laptop with on-screen touch, Surface and Microsoft Store are here for you. Starting today, anyone in the U.S. can trade in their MacBook Pro or MacBook Air at a Microsoft Store or online for up to $650 off a Surface Book or Surface Pro.’’ This deal in however valid only till November 10 and in case you are looking out to ditch your good ol’ MacBook then maybe this is the chance you were waiting for.

Microsoft claims that it is “Helping Apple MacBook owners trade up to Pen and on-screen touch.” With this offer Microsoft is advertently bringing down the base price of Surface to $249 considering that one is eligible for a maximum trade in discount of $650 for their current MacBook. Also, observe how Microsoft prefers to call it a Trade Up offer instead of the usual Trade in. The MacBook Pro launch has disappointed some of the potential buyers who were anticipating a full-fledged touch screen, the Touch Bar is indeed a great addition but the touch display is something more utilitarian in nature.

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