Moving lawn has been pretty much the same the last decade or so and Milagrow, India’s robotic company has decided to change this. Tired of coaxing your family member to mow the loan? Well, the Milagrow’s autonomous lawn mower might be a help. The autonomous lawn mover comes equipped with a total of 13 sensors which aims at providing a higher degree of freedom and the ability to operate without any human intervention. The array of sensors also includes a sensor that detects when the robot is lifted from the ground. The roll over sensor stops the blades and cuts off the power if the device is tilted at an angle greater than 30-degree. Torque sensors are designed to supply equal torque to all the wheels thus ensuring that the wheels wont destroy your lawn.



But what if it rains, fret not Milagrow has also included a rain sensor that will direct the robot to go back to its base point in case of rains. Milagrow claims that the lawn movers can mow a maximum of 0.64 acres in a single day and unlike the usual lawn movers these are not noisy and fuel guzzling. Furthermore, the lawn mower has also been specially designed so that it is manoeuvrable even at the most difficult of places. The most important aspect remains the eco friendliness of this product unlike the usual lawn mower the Milagrow doesn’t consume fossil fuel. Milagrow’s robotic lawn mower is made up of the following variants- Robo Nicklaus 2.0, RoboTiger 2.0, and RoboTiger 1.0.

As with most of the other smart robots the lawn mower also comes with its own companion app that lets you schedule the chore at a specific time of day and select the sub areas to be cleaned. The lawn mowers work autonomously and they also take care not to damage any plotted plants or even trees on its way. The robot smartly pushes the mowed lawn back into the soil so that it becomes a natural fertilizer.



The most relevant use case that I could come up is for medium tracts of lands and lawn that has been landscaped. Restaurant and Hotel owners will find it to be helpful since they can eliminate the manual labor required to do the mowing. Milagrow lawn mowers are available on the official website and the range starts from Rs 69,990 and goes all the way up to Rs 1,29,900. Additionally, the company is offering Cash on Delivery, EMI options, 1-Year warranty and 30-days replacement policy. Milagrow has on offer the most exhastive range of domestic robots in India starting from a Swimming Pool cleaner to the Aguabot floor cleaner.

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