Smartphone accessories are plenty but there is only a handful that is worth the money and the time spent. Picbot is the latest accessory that promises to help smartphone users take a great shot with their smartphones. If you are a traveller or someone who is constantly on the move then the PicBot might turn up to be your favourite accessory.


To begin with, PicBot is a motorised smartphone dock that lets you walk around the room for your video while it takes care of focussing on your face and following your moments. Thanks to facial recognition the Picbot can not only track you but also one other person in the room as well. Furthermore, one can also create either 180 or 360-degree panoramas and all of this is automated. The device also packs time-lapse feature and you can control the angle wing with respect to time.

If you are a Pro at shooting videos then take manual control of the PicBot with the Bluetooth controller and you will be able to adjust the spin, zoom, capture photos and videos. The best part is the companion app it is this piece of wizardry that makes everything so easy and manageable. Yet another clever feature is how Picbot automatically initiates a countdown timer once you pose for a still and take the picture. The companion app also comes laced with other editing options but again that is more of a complementary feature.


Since the Picbot needs a fixture the makers also bundle the mount with a foldable Mini Tripod along with the usual screw mount. The mount comes in black, white and rose colour and users will also get a dedicated cloud storage. One can order the PicBot from the already funded Kickstarter campaign at $99 with an estimated delivery date of Dec 2016.

The Picbot will shape up as a great accessory for YouTubers who shoot videos solo, this will also help them concentrate on the presentation as the video capturing part will be handled by the Picbot. This accessory can replace you as a photographer at least to a certain extent, which means that you no more have to be excluded while shooting the family pictures and videos. We have seen a handful of automated photo accessories this year including the foldable Hover Drone which offers features similar to the Picbot but since it is a full-fledged drone it can fly as well.

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