Xiaomi’s latest product under their Mijia brand is a mask that doubles up as a portable air purifier. Dubbed the Mi Purely Air Mask, this product would have sold like hotcakes provided Xiaomi launched in India, and that much due to the increased level of pollution in the country just before the onset of Winter.

mi purely air mask

Air Masks aren’t something which you would normally expect from a smartphone brand, but with Xiaomi anything is possible. In fact, the company has a wide range of products ranging from Rice Cooker to a pen. But then again, Xiaomi always does something cool with these products. So you must be wondering what the heck would Xiaomi do with an air mask. That’s a natural question no doubt, but this Mi Purely Air Mask comes with an inbuilt fan and an air purifier that has a 99% success rate in filtering particles of PM 2.5.


Just like any other ordinary air mask, the main body of the Mi Purely Air Mask is made out of a polyester and uses to side straps to latch onto your face. The interesting part, however, is the inclusion of a small rectangular machine located on the top right side of the mask. It is a basically a small machine that consists of a ultra-thin fan and an N95 air filter. It’s worth noting that the speed of the fan inside the machine can be controlled using a button and comes with three level. Just below the fan, lies the N95 air filter which consists of four composite layers of nano particles. The cartridge like air filter is easy to remove thus you can change it on your own as when a replacement is required.


Powering this whole system is a Li-Ion battery that can be charged easily using a Micro USB port. The best part is you aren’t required to remove the battery from the machine while charging it. Rather you can simply use a USB port and connect it to a powerbank to charge. Xiaomi claims that the battery inside can last up to 4-8 hours. Thus you would require charging this air mask every day when you reach home.


Xiaomi Mi Purely Air Mask is now available for sale via the company’s crowdfunding portal for 89 Yuan (Rs 875/$13.5 approx.) The mask is available only in gray color and weighs around 51g. Just in case you are unaware, Xiaomi recently launched a new Mi Air Purifier Pro and a Air Quality Indicator in China. Apart from that the Chinese firm currently sells their Mi Air Purifier 2 in India.

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