Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for those subscribed to the Fast ring in Windows Insider program. The update brings several new features that aim at elevating the overall Windows experience across all devices. Apart from some common bugs including Cortana crash, File explorer crash, incomplete deletion of files and unintentional lockout from Windows 10 have been fixed.


Virtual Touchpad to control External Display

Without much ado lets directly delve into the new features and how it will help the Windows 10 users. The virtual touchpad has to be one of the main highlights in this update. The touch bar pops up on the bottom left corner of your tablet screen and this can be used to control a secondary monitor without actually attaching a mouse, This not only saves you from the trouble of attaching a mouse to the tablet but also keeps your USB port free to use with other accessories. In order to activate it press and hold in the taskbar and select “Show touchpad button.” This will open up a touchpad icon that will appear in the notification area and a simple tap will bring up the virtual touchpad. The settings for this virtual touchpad can be tweaked by heading over to Settings>Devices>Touchpad.

Sticky Note Updates

Sticky Note has been updated to app version and this means that the insiders will be able to taste the new features including flight detection for added countries, email and URL recognition for all locales and also phone number recognition to all English, German, Spanish, French and Italian locales. Starting from now Sticky notes will also recognize stocks and the issues with the Undo and Redo have been fixed.

The text input display while typing has been improved and so is the UI/UX. Updating Sticky notes is now easier since the update notification will end up in the form of a balloon update on your notification bar. Plus, Sticky notes also supports your favorite keyboard shortcuts via a new context menu.

Address Bar in Registry Editor (PC)

The new address bar feature in the Registry Editor has been treated to a couple of new features. Users can now press CTRL+L to set the focus on the address bar. Address bar now supports shorthand notation which saves a lot of time and effort. For instance, HKEY_CURRENT_USER can be written in short as HKCU.

Improved Windows Ink Workspace experience

Windows Ink Workspace has increased the number of recently used apps shown to 6 alongside a quick link to access the pen settings. The Workspace also comes baked in with other updates including redesigned protractor, updated “Pen & Windows” settings better handwriting recognition and fixed Sketchpad crash issue.

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