Smartwatches sales are rising steadily and so is the adoption. Even high-end luxury watch manufacturers have felt the need to adopt and have already introduced luxury smartwatch range. I have been relying on my Pebble from long and one of the best features has been its exceptional battery life that keeps things going for more than three days even with maxed load. Battery life has been the Achilles heel for the Smartwatches and this was actually one of the prime reason why Android Wear failed to take off as expected.



Matrix is a smartwatch on Indiegogo that claims to have solved the battery issue once and for all. The best part of the watch is that there is no need to charge the same as it is powered by you, yes a smartwatch powered by humans. The team behind Matrix have clung to a less known aspect of the human body i.e its power generation capability. The human body generates heat and this heat is converted into usable electric power by making use of the temperature gradient. The working of Matrix is based on the Seebeck effect which says that current can be generated if there is a temperature gradient and in the absence of an applied voltage gradient Voltage. The PowerWatch also shows how much electricity your body is producing at any given instant.


Furthermore, the Matrix Powerwatch measures the calories accurately by using advanced thermoelectric technology. On the feature front, the PowerWatch comes studded with all the features and options that one would expect on a usual Smartwatch. The PowerWatch also tracks your activity, Sleep, is water resistant for 50 meters and it also comes with changeable watch faces. Matrix PowerWatch looks like an analog watch and it carries the same elegance that you would expect from one. The silver colored bezels along with the aircraft-grade aluminum small add a dash of a rugged look.

The companion app for the PowerWatch seems to be pretty intuitive and will support Apple Healthkit and Google Fit. Wondering what will happen once you take off the watch? Fret not the PowerWatch will not only go to sleep automatically but will also store the data and resume from where you left. The app is available for both Android and iOS. If this thermoelectric marvel interests you, head over to Indiegogo and back the project with pledges starting from $117 and an estimated shipping date of July 2017.

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