Statistics tell that an average smartphone user checks his/her phone more than eighty times a day and this seems to be a perfect incentive for the makers of MicroPinner. Well, most of us have a nasty habit of forgetting things and this is the reason we depend on sticky notes to serve as reminders. While Sticky notes can be useful to a certain extent they do come with certain disadvantages and Micropinner tries to simulate the Sticky Notes in a digital way.


I have been primarily relying on Google Calendar for keeping pace with the things along with the Google Keep but it so happens that there are certain reminders that need to stay on your screen. MicroPinner helps you pin stuff on the status bar and also let you categorize the same depending on the priority. The best part of the app is its simplicity and the ease with which it works.

The MicroPinner seems more like a widget and the app comes with limited menu options (its also pretty light at 700KB). The ‘Title’ is obviously the field wherein the subject goes and the ‘Content’ can be a brief abbreviation of the thing to do. ‘Visibility’ option will let users either keep the notification public in which case the notification would appear on the status bar along with the details despite the device being locked. If kept ‘Private’, then the content of the reminder is not shown on the lock screen.

‘High Priority’ will ensure that the pin stays on top of your status bar and similarly the low priority will allow other notifications to take precedence. Also, one can toggle the notification actions and also make the pin persistent. The entire Pin can also be copied to the clipboard with the direct controls. Thankfully the Micropinner doesn’t hog resources and it literally consumes no memory in the background and since it makes use of native Android functions it also doesn’t impact your battery backup. If you are a dev the Micropinner is open source and you can check it out here.

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