It’s been an eventful year for WhatsApp. From adding an endless number of requested features to creating controversies around the globe for its updated privacy policy, 2016 was truly an adventurous period for the popular messaging app. However, it seems like the company isn’t done updating for the year and might be planning some significant improvements for the holidays. According to a report, WhatsApp has added a hidden feature in the latest iOS beta channel which allows users to revoke as well as edit sent messages.


The update version includes several crucial fixes but the major change is surely the ability to retract and modify the sent messages. Although these are hidden and aren’t directly available to the public yet, hence it’s possible that WhatsApp might drop them before releasing. Additionally, the tipster mentions that if the sender revokes a read or unread message, the data which can be just a text or a media file like image/video, will be deleted from the recipient’s phone as well. Furthermore, the build also has a new delete icon next to your status which basically, lets you completely remove the entry as WhatsApp has been also working on a timeline feature. You can read more about that here.

In additions with these Whatsapp has now released WhatsApp Web version which can be used from , though, as we mentioned before, are still in their early stages and more importantly the removal of media files of the other person’s phone is most probably a bug of some sorts. However, nothing can be said at the moment. The most important takeaway from this release has to be the revoke option which can be accessed by merely long pressing a message. We’ll have to wait though right now as the feature is quite limited and also, its Android counterpart is yet to receive it. WhatsApp also hasn’t rolled out the timeline update yet which was reported weeks ago. Till then, let’s take the report with a pinch of salt.

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