Xiaomi has slowly graduated from being an upstart smartphone maker to an electronic firm, especially with the wide range of products it has under its Mijia brand. Among various smart electronic devices ranging from rice cookers to laptops, the Mi Air purifiers from the Chinese maker have been one of the most popular ones in the market. After launching a number of home air purifiers, Xiaomi has now launched their first Mi Car Air Purifier.

mi car air purifier

Mi Car Air Purifier from Xiaomi is a compact version of their regular air purifiers. It essentially looks eerily similar to the previous air purifiers launched by the company. Xiaomi claims that their Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Air Purifier Pro were so popular that its users were carrying it along with them even when they were on move. This triggered, Lei Jun to recommend engineers at Xiaomi regarding a portable version of the same and thus the Mi Car Air Purifier was conceptualized. In terms of hardware, the Mi Car Air Purifier uses a two-wheel mirror fan circulation system which is capable of purifying the car’s air in just 3-7 minutes.

The Mi Car Air Purifier from Xiaomi promises a CADR rate of 60 cubic meters per hour. Apart from that the portable air purifier comes with a silent mode which will possibly come in use if you are making a call from your cellphone on the go. For ergonomics, Xiaomi has included a head rest strap that will help faster the car air purifier to the rest headrest of a car. The Mi Car Air Purifier will go on sale in China via Xiaomi’s official marketplace at a starting price of 449 Yuan ($65/Rs 4,384 approx.)  on December 27.

mi air mask

In addition to the Mi Car Air Purifier, Xiaomi has also launched a new anti-fog and haze mask for a 69 Yuan ($10/Rs 675 approx.) Xiaomi had apparently introduced a similar air mask a few weeks back in China. The Chinese firm has also reduced the price of the Mi Home Air Purifier Pro to 1399 Yuan ($201/Rs 13,660 approx.) and the Mi Air Purifier 2 to 699 Yuan ($100/Rs 6,825 approx.)

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