While there is no dearth of good email clients, there are some that are exceptionally good and add an extra layer of functionality to the tools. Gmail is arguably one of the most preferred email services and the prime reason for this is the way Google has blended Gmail (and Google Apps) with a host of other Google services like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Maps etc. Also, it so happens that most of us have multiple Gmail/Google Apps accounts and that’s bound to cause quite a lot of niggles.


Mistake not, Google has made it better to switch between accounts lately, but it can still be irritating when operating with multiple Google Drive accounts for instance. Shift is here to make things better. A lot better in fact. Getting started is pretty simple, sign up for the program and you will get an exclusive download link. By making use of the download link install the software. Also, the makers of Swift allow you to download for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Once installed, the program will run you through the usual drill of linking your accounts.

Seamlessly access multiple accounts

Shift lets you access multiple accounts seamlessly, no more waiting for the web page to load and no more entering the credentials each and every time. This feature is super useful for folks who use two or more Gmail accounts. What’s even more assuring is that the UI is clutter free and has scope for some decent customizations.


This has been so far the best feature offered by Shift. The search option lets me scan through folders, emails, and documents. This helps users save a good amount of time spent manually scanning content and hunting for information. This is especially useful when you don’t remember on which account you received a specific attachment. One search is all you need.

Hot Swap between Calendar and Drive


So the Shift functionality is not just restricted to emails but also Calendar and Drives. For instance, lets say you have linked your personal Gmail and work Gmail account. In this case, if you want to switch between the calenders, it’s super easy. Simply select the accounts and go for the calendar.

Get Desktop Notifications

Well, to be frank, I am spoilt by the desktop notifications, lately, all the apps including Slack, WhatsApp web and even Facebook keep beaming the notifications. Now with Shift, it is almost impossible for you to miss out on urgent emails and other related notifications. If you find this an annoyance, fret not, simply turn off the feature in the settings.

Use Outlook? Don’t worry you are covered

The program lets you link your Outlook Email and this is of prime importance for folks who are in using enterprise ID’s. Most of the larger organizations use Outlook for emails and thankfully the makers of Shift have taken this into consideration. That said as of now it seems that the option to sync Outlook is available only on the Pro version of the app.

Shift Basic allows you to enter two Gmail accounts while the Pro lets you add unlimited accounts across Gmail and Outlook. The only qualm I could find was that the Drive opened up the web page instead of the Google Drive app and this was a kind of major annoyance. Yet another queer observation, the Windows app suddenly started hogging computing resources and the task manager confirmed the same. But again, this happened only once after the initial setup post which there was no problem as such. Also, it baffles me why they didn’t go with a Chrome extension instead of an actual app and made linking the accounts a teeny tawny bit easier. The Swift Pro costs $19.99/year and this will not only let you sync additional email providers, but also removes the “Sent with Shift” signature. Also, if you can persuade five of your friends to signup the Shift Pro will be free for a year.

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